We believe that great food done right connects people across a table, across miles and across generations. Everything we produce brings people together.


Fresh. Simple. Wholesome. The quality of our foods is the single most important ingredient in the products we produce, but the quality of the Duke Foods experience extends well beyond the flavors of our foods. It’s the entire customer service experience from beginning to end, whether you partner with us for co-packing, private labeling, brand management or more.


Our passion for creating great foods cannot be overstated. It’s what drives us day-in and day-out, and yet, over time, this passion has grown to include more meaning, more purpose and more goodwill. We have realized that it’s not just about spreading the goodness of our foods across the country but about being the good in the neighborhoods and communities where we live, work and play.


Cutting-edge technology, exciting new products and deep-rooted relationships – they’re all important, but it’s our people that make the difference at the end of the day. Our success is the direct result of the vision of our leadership and the commitment, talent and integrity of our team. These individuals are dedicated to ensuring that your expectations are met at every turn and that goodness is included in every last bite.


Greenville, South Carolina is a rare, distinctly Southern gem. Industrious. Dynamic. Progressive. Yet forever connected to its rich history. It’s a place where community still means something, where neighbor looks after neighbor, where passersby greet one another on Main Street much as they did a century ago. This is the home of a great Southern success story – a story that could never be told quite the same anyplace else.


Our founder’s famed mayonnaise recipe has earned a dedicated cult following, and our signature spreads remain a staple in Southern homes. You cannot fake such traditions. While many of our recipes remain exactly as they were a century ago – wholesome, familiar and flavorful – we’re starting new traditions every day in our test kitchen – and in homes, restaurants and stores across the country.


With a rich 100-year history and a legacy of great foods, we’ll never forget where we came from, but we’ll also never stop innovating. Our drive for developing creative, one-of-a-kind products and leading – not following – food trends propels us forward. It’s why we tinker relentlessly in our test kitchen, always exploring new opportunities for culinary adventures. This commitment to research and development translates to exciting new food products for you.

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