Tradition and credibility of existing brand · Diverse food production capabilities · Unmatched quality and consistency · Experience with branding and marketing · Ability to launch new products quickly · Expertise in taking new products to market · Understanding of flavor and packaging trends · Established relationships with food partners

A History Worth Celebrating, a Future Worth Sharing

Both Duke Foods and Duke Sandwich Company are subsidiaries of Duke Brands, a family owned and operated private holding company. Established in 2017, Duke Brands is committed to building on its 100-year history of success in food service and production by developing business units where valuing people and striving to grow in its areas of influence drive their purpose.

For a century, values like hard work, uncompromising quality and remarkable attention to detail have been instilled in everything we’ve made and manufactured. With customer relationships continuing to guide our focus, Duke Brands is poised for a new age, one in which we’ll be judged not for what’s past, but for what’s next. This new era promises new innovations, fresh ideas and a family of brands infused with the same quality, passion and integrity that have shaped our history for 100 years.

Duke Brands is well positioned to expand markets, create new opportunities and supply the support and resources necessary to foster success. We develop or invest in like-minded companies across industry boundaries in order to drive the operational, marketing and customer experience at a high level of expectation and performance.

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