Duke Foods Continues to Rise Above COVID-19 Pandemic

Duke Foods manufacturing operations in North and South Carolina demonstrate leadership’s commitment to job security and growth through COVID-19 pandemic

Greenville, SC—Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent economic impact, Duke Brands and nearby production facilities Duke Foods, announce that they have continued to satisfy the demands of grocery stores across the nation though continued operational growth while demonstrating an unwavering commitment to protect employees’ jobs. Through difficult times, people rely on grocery stores more than ever for their needs, and from leadership level down, Duke Foods has taken steps to provide job security and provide for the needed demand of customers in retail grocery. The continued rising demand will increase the ability to provide even more new jobs and employ those in need of work due to the current economic fallout from the coronavirus.

Duke Foods, CEO, Andrew Smart, has led with a forward-thinking approach to being ahead of protecting employees safety and business sustainability from the beginning of the COVID pandemic. With strict policies in place to ensure the safety and health of production workers, Duke Foods has positioned themselves to still be able to hire while many businesses are furloughing staff and reducing their work force. With Executive leadership level commitment from the CEO down to every employee, Duke Foods has been able to meet increased customer production demands and not only keep all employees working, but also add new team members.

“Through this difficult time for us as a business and as a country, we take pride in our commitment to excellence for our customers and to our employees,” stated Andrew Smart, CEO of Duke Foods and Duke Brands. “Our goal is to serve, connect, and make a difference, and we feel through this crisis we’ve been able to hold true to that commitment for every employee in our company.”

Additionally, in March and April, Duke Foods donated production runs of prepared chicken salads and appetizer dip products to the local Loaves and Fishes food bank in the Greenville area, and the Community Shelter of Union County in North Carolina to benefit those in need through this pandemic. Duke Sandwich Co.- two Greenville based restaurants featuring classic southern spread sandwiches, has been able to provide lunches to members in need at Gateway House, a local mental health organization, whose members have been unable to attend the daily program where they usually receive daily meals.

About Duke Brands & Duke Foods
Duke Brands specializes in partnering with like-minded companies looking to expand into the fresh sections of the grocery store. Staple items are “homemade” quality foods such as dips, spreads and desserts, producing both bakery and ready-to-eat products from its manufacturing facilities, which are level II Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) certified.

Duke Brands operates as a strategic partner and advisor, offering services in product development, testing, research services, procurement & sourcing assistance, marketing & advertising services and CPG design services. Duke Brands also partners with national brands looking to penetrate the refrigerated sections of fresh grocery. Companies that partner with Duke Brands can take a product from ideation to store shelves and all the steps in between with a single partner.

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