Looking Ahead to IDDBA 2019

As our team plans to descend on Orlando for the annual International Dairy, Deli & Bakery Association (IDDBA) conference, we have a lot to be excited about. ~ (Come visit us at Booth 5741 if you happen to be at the show!)

During this 3-day event, creativity and growth are spurred on by the opportunity to meet and greet industry leaders, see new products showcased, watch a live cake competition and hear from guest speakers.

Among these speakers are Christina Tosi, CEO & Founder of Milk Bar, and celebrities Rob Lowe and Michael J. Fox. This year’s selection also includes the former V.P of Yahoo, various CEOs and the Chairman of the Board of the IDDBA himself. These speakers are chosen specifically to be able to give each person practical takeaways they can apply to their businesses.

In addition to the amazing speakers lined up for this year’s IDDBA, the opportunity to see the revealing of new products sparks one’s excitement in being able to attend the event. With access to meet and greet the vendors of these new products, you will walk away with advantageous new insight.

Attendees will also receive access to the IDDBA’s interactive marketplace called ‘What’s in Store’. This marketplace style setup will showcase trends in merchandising and serve as a visual guide for how to keep food front and center.

A unique opportunity also present at the IDDBA is the ‘Expert Neighborhood’.  Here you can meet one-on-one with an expert to talk through challenges that may be keeping you from reaching your business goals. CEO’s, entrepreneurs, specialists, authors and consultants make up the crew who are there to help you learn better how to succeed.

Clearly, the IDDBA is designed to provide valuable resources to those who participate in the event. With guest speakers, interactive exhibits, and one-on-one help, this 3-day event is sure to be worth it’s weight in gold to you and your business.

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