Pimento Cheese Grits

Grits of all size and color have been a Southern favorite for generations. The delicious Southern spread we affectionately call ‘pimenna cheese’ is also a timeless classic in the South. Why not combine the two for a doubly delicious side or base to your meal?

Start with your grits-you can use any kind (instant, stone ground, etc.) Make the grits as directed on packaging. Generally, grits are a 4 to 1 ratio: 4 parts water, 1 part grits.

Once the grits are cooked, be sure to season well with salt and pepper. Then add your favorite pimento cheese! The amount will vary by personal preference but we recommend 1-2 tbsp per serving

These are great as a side for breakfast or as a base for shrimp and grits! Add any of your favorite toppings such as shrimp, bacon, bell pepper or chives. The options are limitless with this subtle yet tasty dish!

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