Crafting Creative Solutions That Make Your Business Better

At Duke Foods, we create more than delicious foods – we create smart, innovative and forward-thinking food solutions that help you grow your business and enhance your bottom line. Whether it’s through our co-packing or private label programs or our own brand management capabilities, we can leverage our industry experience and deep-rooted relationships to help you scale your business, offer greater product diversity and avoid time- and money-wasting pitfalls, all while delivering the level of quality, safety and freshness that have become synonymous with the Duke Foods name.


With an established position in the market, we can take your product from concept to national brand.

Private Label

We develop exclusive food products for today’s top brands – based on today’s top trends – and we can do the same for you.

Own Brand

We have a collection of regional and market-relevant brands that fit your current and future needs.

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